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Hoover Slovacek LLP is committed to resolving cases in an aggressive yet cost-effective manner. While our attorneys are formidable litigators, we believe that litigation is not always the best choice for a client. When feasible, we encourage clients to explore methods of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

Mediation, often confused with arbitration, is a non-binding negotiated settlement conference during which the parties (in litigation or arbitration) can resolve their dispute with the assistance of a third-party attorney or judge. Mediation is often more cost-effective and less acrimonious, and results in more rapid resolution of matters than traditional litigation.

The lawyers at Hoover Slovacek LLP are skilled in the art of settlement negotiations, and are experienced with the process and procedures governing mediations.

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For more than 40 years, individuals, investors, businesses, community groups, management companies and financial institutions have trusted the mediation lawyers at Hoover Slovacek LLP for practical, cost-effective representation. Contact our law firm online or by calling (713) 977-8686 to discuss how the firm might benefit you.