Community Association Representation in Houston

The attorneys and legal professionals at Hoover Slovacek LLP are among a select few at Houston law firms who are experienced in the distinct area of community association law. Firm attorneys are highly skilled in litigating the most common issues faced by community associations, and we readily tackle novel association problems.

Hoover Slovacek LLP represents a large number of community associations of all types, including:

  • Single-family residential
  • Townhome
  • Condominium
  • Commercial
  • Master-planned communities

Skillfully handling all aspects of community association law

Our community association practice includes contract negotiation, general corporate operation, deed restriction violations, non-payment of assessments and document preparation. To help protect client interests on a broader front, we track legislation and keep association board members and management companies apprised of impending changes in real estate law.

By retaining the skilled lawyers of Hoover Slovacek LLP early on, you might avoid difficulties that introduce conflict to your community association. Even if disagreements have already surfaced, our community association lawyers can help you get back on track.

The firm also represents residential developers in creating and annexing new residential subdivisions.

In all legal matters, the firm emphasizes communication to minimize conflict and legal expense for all concerned.

Hoover Slovacek LLP’s community association attorneys


  • Collections: For over thirty years, Hoover Slovacek LLP has been an industry leader in providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for collection of unpaid maintenance assessments.  Hoover Slovacek LLP has achieved high success rates of up to 98% for many Associations.  Further, the Firm offers a range of flat fee schedules to keep its associations legal costs as low as possible, while still obtaining high collection rates.
  • Deed Restriction Enforcement: Hoover Slovacek LLP has fought hard to assist communities to aggressively enforce restrictive covenants and has achieved many successful verdicts in contested matters.  Recently, Hoover Slovacek LLP represented a homeowners association and filed suit on its behalf against owners who were building a house contrary to the submitted architectural plans. Although the parties agreed on a settlement early in the case at the temporary injunction phase, the owners later tried to disavow the agreement. After a two day trial, the court upheld the settlement agreement against the owners and awarded the Association injunctive relief and attorneys’ fees, both through trial and appeal, of approximately $100,000.00.  The trial court’s judgment was later affirmed on appeal for the Association.
  • Golf Course Legislation: Subdivision golf courses in the Houston area have been targeted for commercial redevelopment by very aggressive commercial developers.  During the 2011 Legislative Session, Hoover Slovacek LLP worked with Senator Dan Patrick, Rep. Dwayne Bohac, and Texas Community Association Advocates, and was able to pass legislation to protect subdivision golf course communities from this type of detrimental redevelopment.

Strategic solutions for community associations in Texas since 1969

For more than 40 years, individuals, investors, businesses, community groups, management companies and financial institutions have trusted the community association lawyers at Hoover Slovacek LLP for practical, cost-effective representation. Contact our law firm online or by calling (713) 977-8686 to discuss how the firm might benefit you.