Attorneys' Profiles

The reputation that we enjoy at Hoover Slovacek LLP is a result of the hard work and dedication of our entire legal staff. Our attorneys come from a broad variety of legal backgrounds, and are drawn from every level of experience. Several of our most experienced members deliver lectures to legal and professional gatherings on essential points of real estate law. All of our lawyers are actively involved in their home communities. For more information about the attorneys that practice with us, click on the links below:


Partners Associates Of Counsel

Ballases, T. Michael
Bookstaff, Howard M.

Clark, Jonathan H.

Drake, Patrick G.
Kornhauser, Matthew A.
Mapel, III, Frank B.
Morrell, Jr., David N.
Pickford, Thomas, M.
Pilibosian, Paul A.
Rothberg, Edward L.
Russell, Dylan B.
Savage, Gregory A.
Slovacek, Joseph O.
Sullivan, Patrick D.
Tran, Nina A.
Watts, Sidney C.
Wolff, Hal G.


Boué, Adelqui J.
Croffie, Brandi J.
Foteh, Rusty R.
Haselden, Melissa A.
Herter,  III, Thomas J.
Judd, T. Josh
Leeland, James H.
McCreight, Curtis W.
Russe, Caroline H.
Sanborn, Shayna R.
Sealey, Terry E.
Turano, III, Jack P.

Alexander, Robert T.
Brown, Deirdre Carey
Catmull, Annie E.
Knop, Mark K.
Powers, Sarah Ann
Van Slyke, Paul C.


In Memoriam

Hoover, Howard S.