Professional Opportunities at Hoover Slovacek


The attorneys and legal staff at Hoover Slovacek LLP operate in a dynamic work environment, where positive attitudes and teamwork flourish. Our attorneys and staff are energetic and vibrant. The firm initiates many activities, staff lunches and themed occasions to nurture the genial atmosphere. Among our favorites are bowling tournaments, when we shut down the office and bus the entire staff of more than 50 people to an afternoon of bowling, trophies, food and fellowship; and "special" occasions like the Houston Rodeo, Bosses' Day and Administrative Professionals Day.

Hoover Slovacek seeks qualified applicants for attorney or staff positions who will thrive in our environment and thus help us better serve our clients.

Our moderate size offers the best of both worlds. We are small enough to be adaptable, yet large enough to be versatile. Our size and single location allow for consistent communication and interaction among attorneys, staff and clients.

The firm has basic requirements for personnel:

New attorneys — We look for bright, responsible and independent candidates with good character and personality traits, traditionally from among the top law school students. We challenge our newest lawyers with interesting and complex legal projects, and allow immediate client contact. We encourage a high level of responsibility early on, while simultaneously supporting younger attorneys with assistance and mentoring from more experienced members of the firm.

Lateral attorneys — The firm is always interested in qualified lateral attorneys. If you have an established practice that would further enhance or complement our existing practice areas, we encourage you to contact us in writing for further discussion.

Staff positions — Hoover Slovacek LLP employs a full range of legal professionals, such as paralegals and legal secretaries, as well as non-legal administrative and clerical staff. We look for skilled and reliable individuals who exhibit strong self-direction and superb organization and communication skills.

Hiring decisions are made without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, physical handicap or any other basis prohibited by federal law.

For professional opportunities

Inquiries about employment with Hoover Slovacek must be sent by U.S. mail. The firm does not accept or process inquiries or résumés received via e-mail or Internet transmission. Attorney applicants — please be sure that all correspondence includes overall GPA, class rank and a recent writing sample.

Send employment inquiries to:

Gregory D. Tydelski, Administrator
Hoover Slovacek LLP
P.O. Box 4547
Houston, TX 77210