1044797_1.jpgMatthew A. Kornhauser


Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Areas of Practice:

Bar Admissions:

  • Texas 1986

Matthew A. Kornhauser is a partner in Hoover Slovacek LLP’s litigation practice and has been handling complex commercial disputes on behalf of businesses and successful business professionals since 1986.  He is involved in every aspect of the litigation process including pre-trial discovery, trial work, and appellate arguments and also engages in mediation and arbitration when appropriate for dispute resolution.  Mr. Kornhauser has represented clients in Texas State District Courts, The United States District Courts for the Southern District of Texas, The United States Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.  He serves on the Hoover Slovacek executive committee and has an integral role in establishing firm processes and procedures and overseeing the management of operations as they pertain to the professionals and staff, client dealings, and business development. 

Mr. Kornhauser primarily represents real estate owners, investors, developers, builders, commercial landlords, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), banks, corporations (both publicly-traded and privately held), trusts, partners/partnerships, and Home Owners Associations (HOA).  His practice is evenly divided between representing plaintiffs and defendants and he has earned a distinguished reputation for his expertise in land use matters, particularly restrictive covenants relating to commercial/residential developments and golf course and country club communities.  In fact, Mr. Kornhauser recently testified before the State of Texas Legislature and was instrumental in the passage of a law that restricted the manner in which property located within a golf course community can be replatted. 

Mr. Kornhauser has also developed a niche practice involving issues related to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  As more and more businesses are involved in global trade, particularly those domiciled in international cities like Houston, complex matters relating to foreign policy, national security, United Nation’s mandates, and other compliance issues often come into play.  Mr. Kornhauser works with small- and mid-sized businesses and multinational clients who are engaged in global trade activities where such disputes have arisen. 


  • Real Estate Mr. Kornhauser recently obtained a successful judgment on behalf of a 1,200 Home Owners’ Association ("HOA") in a lawsuit that sought to impose an implied reciprocal negative easement (IRNE) against owners of the Golf Course which is located within the golf course community.  The owners of the golf course wished to develop the land and they sought to prohibit development that did not involve golf course/recreational use.  The jury ruled in favor of the HOA and restricted development of the property, a huge victory for a community that would have been decimated by the owners’ intended non-recreational uses (multi-family and commercial) for the property.  The HOA was also awarded $1 million in legal fees.  The case was highly publicized and brought Mr. Kornhauser much respect and many referrals due to his knowledge in golf course-related replatting matters.
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Mr. Kornhauser represented a Houston-based oil equipment manufacturer in an OFAC case brought by the US Government that accused it of facilitating the exportation of goods to outlawed nations, namely Sudan.  The suit involved interpretations of complex International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) laws and various federal statutes aimed at eliminating improper exportation.   After a lengthy four year investigation, Mr. Kornhauser was able to successfully negotiate fines/penalties down to $2 million (from $25 million) and extended the payout to a five-year period.   No executive or member of company management was indicted; no cease and desist order was granted; and the company is continuing to operate as "business as usual." 

Mr. Kornhauser has devised numerous seminars and addressed the Texas Bar on a variety of legal topics that relate to commercial landlord laws, easements, adverse possession, and banking issues involving remedies including foreclosures and other related matters.  He has also delivered many speeches and presentations on litigation prevention and employment and general business law.